This page was made and is maintained by Dubi kaufmann and its goal is to connect names to faces in a large group photo. The group photo was taken in chicago in 2015 by Jason Lazaus .
pasete from Jason Lazaus site

On Saturday, June 20th, 2015, ALL self-identifying Chicago Artists were invited to sit for a group portrait on the steps of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL. The open ended and non-discriminating gesture brought a diverse array of artists from across the city to form this historical moment. Photo Assistants: Aron Gent and Patrick Putze. *This portrait, available in high resolution, has been released to the public domain. It can be accessed at the Internet Archive:

This page is open source and code is on Github there is also a spreadsheet with a list of names and coodinates (write protected)


See yourself or someone you recognize? This page is crowed sourced. Send an email with the name, map coordinates and website(optional) to dubster2k-AT-yahoo-DOT-com. To get the coordinates of a person in the photo click on the map on the face and the coordinates will appear in a pop up.

Questions/comments/corrections please email dubster2k-AT-yahoo-DOT-com

  • Is this web page affiliated with jason lazarus?

    No. The image he produced is in the public domain and was meant to be remixed

  • Which javascript libraries are used in this page?

    leaflet for the map. jquery for the search box autocomplete. bootstrap for formatting. tabletop for using a Google spreadsheet as input.

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